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Creative and fearless cooking

I encourage everyone to explore and expand their own capabilities by being courageously creative, rather than feeling tied to structured recipes and rules – allowing their senses to guide them. So when looking for a recipe, gather several recipes from different sources of the same thing you are trying to make, study them all and then trusting your cooking instincts come up with your own version.

Food is magical. It has the power to transform, break barriers and bring people together. I love everyone’s reactions and smiles when they taste my food. Whether cooking for a few at home or a group of 60, gathering simple fresh ingredients and sharing unforgettable meals just feeds my soul.

Entertaining my friends makes me happy, because I help them discover new ideas and flavors. I just love the energy that people in the kitchen create. I’m always chasing my friends in the kitchen saying, here try this! On the other hand, being in the kitchen alone relaxes me and can be a very meditative experience.

As a “kitchen chemist,” I love the thrill of experimenting and ensuring my food is presented beautifully so that whoever I serve feels special and loved. Likewise, cooking can be a natural, intuitive experience for anyone. I always encourage my students to explore and expand their own capabilities by keeping things simple, being courageously creative, allowing their senses to guide them, and presenting food beautifully. I aim to demystify world cuisines and make them accessible to my audience. My mantra is, “Just have fun in the kitchen. It’s definitely okay to play with your food!”

From an early age, I watched my mother prepare elaborate, delicious European dishes for the demanding taste buds of my Austrian father (plus family and friends) at our home in Mexico City. She always made the food look beautiful and could even transform a plate of cheese and crackers into a piece of art. I learned from her that a great meal is the best gift you can offer: both the preparation and presentation are important. Show you care when feeding your guests, this says love!

Growing up, my family and I traveled the world and experienced countless cultures and cuisines. As a teacher, I get cooking inspiration from these other regions, but I especially treasure the flavors of my homeland. Regardless of the day’s cuisine, I always take my cooking students on a sensory adventure of flavors.

As an artist, I’m curious about everything. I trust my intuition, and am passionate, creative and fearless when it comes to trying new things. Passion, color, design, aesthetics and my heritage inspire my cooking and everything else I do.

Edna hosts and teaches cooking at privately hosted home gatherings, art camps and in her own home in Bellevue, WA.  (For more information about classes or demos email Edna at


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"KCTS 9 Cooks" is a PBS affiliate station home cooking show that is produced twice a year with the best cooks they know - their viewers!  This show is the only cooking show in the United States that is broadcast live! Every new "Cooks" episode comes with a companion cookbook, usually with 300+ recipes, featuring appetizers, main entrées, desserts, and everything in between. Edna Kainz's cooking was featured in the May 18th, 2013 episode as one of  12 cooks presenting a couple of her recipes. Click here for KCTS9 website -Seattle​​

Edna's segment is at 18:00 mins. if you want to forward to it.

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