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Creative. Passionate. Intuitive.  ​​


My heritage is a melting pot of cultures. Iwas born and raised in Mexico City, from an Austrian father and Italian and Spanish mother. Moved to the US to pursue a computer science degree and a career in high tech and destiny will have that I stayed in the US and made Seattle my home.

As a true renaissance woman, I love to try new things. So as a way to stay connected to my creative roots I started my interior design business in 2000 after a leaving a successful career in high tech to raise my kids, and now I am helping small businesses with marketing and creative business consulting. I have a passion and curiosity for all types of cuisines and healthy cooking and anything to do with being creative.


As an artist, I’m curious about everything. I trust my intuition, and am passionate, creative and fearless when it comes to trying new things. Passion, color, design, aesthetics and my heritage inspire my cooking and everything else I do.

When not in the kitchen cooking I am an avid tennis player and I enjoy  travel, golf and cooking and spending time with my kids and friends.  Also, whether is working on my line of handbags and jewelry designs or just knitting; you will always find me with a craft project near me and always willing to pick up a new project and learn something new!

I host and teach art and cooking classes at private and business  hosted events, art camps and in also my own home in Bellevue, WA.

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